M.O.S. Guadalajara

October 4, 2014

'TSF and DisorderLine join forces again! This time for two MOS events in Mexico the first one being Guadalajara city. The wall was awesome an entire tunnel around one of the main highways around one of Mexico''s major city''s. For 2 days the police shut down the entire highway both ways for 8 hours straight. Forced with a thight shedule big wall limited paint supply and a rain storm at the start we decided to use the rain to our advantage and throw as much paint on the wall as possible. By thinning the liquid acrylics with the rollers in the streams of rainwater in front of the wall. Crazy europeans- Brinks - Milouz (TSF) Prince Stein T1KO (DisorderLine) - Shoutout to Manuel Guerrulis - Gerso - Mesin'